The New Home of the Gnomes Easter-November (weather permitting)

After over 40 years the gnome community have decided to relocate to the gardens at Merry Harriers. Their new home is now open for visitors.

The team here at Merry Harriers are excited to be welcoming The Gnome reserve’s 2000 + residents to its new home, you can come a visit them in our gardens for FREE 7 days a week. Easter to October/ November (weather permitting)

As you can see some of the gnomes are taking the job more seriously than others!

Before settling down to their new life here at Merry Harriers, some of the gnomes have decided to go on their own little adventures, to see what the gnomes are up to please follow us on: Gnomes On The Roam

We would love you to share your own pictures of your gnomes up to their own antics.

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