The specification of rattan furniture is made to withstand the weather conditions in the UK, therefore may not be suitable for foreign climates. Your rattan will contract and expand based on the weather conditions. In warm weather, our rattan will expand and then contract back to its original state once temperatures become cooler. This is a completely normal trait for rattan garden furniture and in result will stop the weave from snapping and becoming brittle in the winter months. Please avoid leaving reflective objects on your table in direct sunlight (glasses, bottles, ornaments) as this may lead to your rattan damaging in the sun.


We strongly recommend to store your cushions in a dry place when not in use and through Autumn and Winter months. During a rain shower the Weather Shield fabric allows the water to bead on the surface which you can simply shake off. During heavy or persistent rain, water may ingress slightly through the sewing seams. Simply unzip the cover, remove the filling shaking out any water drops, before reinserting the filling into the cover for continued use. Drying time will vary depending on local weather conditions.


All items constructed from Acacia and Eucalyptus must be treated with a good quality hardwood sealer oil, Teak wood must be treated with a good quality teak sealer oil. The oil must be used in accordance with the recommendations on the tin but as a minimum should be applied prior to initial use of the furniture and twice annually thereafter in order to maintain the quality of the wood. Failure to do so will invalidate any guarantee on the product.


To extend the product life and appearance, we advise storing the parasol in a cool and dry indoor place during the Autumn, Winter and unexpected weather conditions. Check that the parasol is completely clean and dry before storing indoors. When not in use store in a clean and dry indoor place. Wipe with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Please take this parasol down when not in use.


Items constructed from iron/steel have natural properties conducive to some rusting and so the warranty will not cover any products that show signs of rust. Any signs of rust should be treated immediately with the correct rust removal products to ensure the longevity of the item.


It is strongly advised that furniture, cushions, gazebos and other items should be stored indoors or covered with a good quality furniture cover to protect it from adverse weather conditions.


Important Notice

The characteristic of the spray stone layer is not fully dirt-proof as a normal glass top table. A spray stone table top consists of two layers: The bottom layer of safety glass is covered with a thin top layer of bonded stone chips (ground natural stone and high quality resin) and is specially designed for outdoor use. Royalcraft spray stone furniture has a protective layer applied that protects your table from dirt and grease. However, over time the top layer may also become detached from the table top so it is important that regular maintenance and cleaning is completed.


Regular Maintenance And Cleaning Of The Table:
It is best to clean the table regularly with lukewarm water only using a soft cloth or sponge. When accidental spillages occur from any types of wine, beverages, liquid or food, including juices, condiments or oil-based products, please immediately use a soft cloth or sponge to dab off the excess and then clean gently with lukewarm water always wringing your sponge or cloth thoroughly. The longer you wait to clean the table, the more difficult it becomes to remove any stains. Make sure that no soap residue is left behind.

Do not use any abrasive cleaning products or items and avoid rubbing the table top. Do not clean the table with a high pressure cleaner or aggressive cleaning products as these can cause hairline cracks where dirt can accumulate and cause the furniture to turn white.

Do not place very hot, very cold, greasy or oily items directly onto the surface. Please use place mats and coasters for the dining duration. If you leave any items including coasters, tableware, food or drinks on the table top for a long period of time, a permanent chemical reaction may occur causing a white imprinted stain. This reaction in turn will cause irreparable damage, therefore it is important to remove any decor and accessories regularly from your table top.

Do Not Use A Furniture Cover For The Table Top:
Covering the table top with a furniture cover for a long period of time may cause the spray stone coating to peel and white stains to develop on the surface. A chemical reaction may occur causing irreparable damage to the table top. We recommend storing your table indoors in a clean and dry location when not in use.

To revamp the textured look on the table top, a speckled paint product can be used which can be purchased from all good DIY stores.

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