Whenever we talk of loans, what comes to mind is the issue of credit checks. Credit checks are the standard bearers, the benchmark upon which a person’s ability to service a loan is gauged. So serious is the issue of credit checks that those with a poor credit rating find themselves in unfamiliar grounds especially when they badly need a loan. High street banks as well as mainstream financial lenders find it difficult extending credit to those with a poor credit rating citing financial impropriety. The result has been an increasing number of disenchanted individuals who feel as if they are being discriminated upon based on an issue that is at times beyond them.

While this used to be the order of the before the credit crunch of 2008, there was a paradigm shift past credit crunch when even those who used to have a perfect credit score found themselves in unfamiliar waters. It soon dawned on many lenders that having a poor credit rating is not always as a result of poor financial management. This realisation led to the birth of bad credit loans and by so doing the popularity of logbook loans.

While there are many bad credit loans in the market, logbook loans stand out because of the fact that they are specifically designed for individuals with a poor credit rating. When we first rolled out our logbook loan products, we did so on the backdrop of helping out UK individuals who had perennially been side-lined based on the state of their credit rating. Harrier Loans was born with the sole intention of assisting thousands of UK citizens who couldn’t avail a loan because they had a history of CCJs or even arrears.


We simply wanted to give bad credit individuals who owned a car an opportunity to get access to cheap logbook loans as well as a chance to positively impact their credit rating while at it. As Harrier Loans, we have comfortably made a difference in the lives of many UK citizens reeling from bad credit. Our popularity stems from the fact that we take our customers problems as our own. As opposed to other logbook loan providers in the market, we are not concerned with exploiting our customers or making money off them. Rather, we strongly believe that our wellbeing and survival is solely dependent on how we treat our customers.

It is for this reason that our customer personnel are always open and willing to enlighten our customers on the benefits of taking out a logbook loan, the benefits of the same, and the risks applicable not to mention how the same can bring about a positive impact on a person’s credit score. We are not only concerned about extending loan facilities to you but also offering a fast solution to your financial problemsa fast solution to your financial problems. For this reason, our customer personnel will always take their time to sit down with you and identify areas that you have put you into a debt rut. After that, they will educate you on how you need to prudently manage your finances as well as the steps you need to take to get out of a debt rut.

If you are worried about the cost of our logbook loans, we can promise you that we offer the most competitive logbook loans in the market. We want to help our customers become debt free while at the same time ensuring that they get the best out of our logbook loan products. If you meet all the requirements and we are satisfied that you deserve a logbook loan, we will process your loan within a couple of hours and ensure that you receive the loan amount within 24 hours. Try us out today and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.