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  • Summer Flowering Bulbs

    Planting Summer Flowering Bulbs……

    When… Summer flowering bulbs, corms and tubers can be planted in the spring as soon as the risk of frost has passed until the end of May.

    How… Follow the instructions on the back of the packs but generally plant bulbs, corms and tubers twice as deep as the bulb is tall although Begonias and Dahlias should be planted just under the soil surface. Gladiolus should be planted about 12cm apart, Begonia 25cm apart, lilies 30cm and dahlia up to 40cm apart. Any soil type is suitable as long as it is well drained. In containers use a good general purpose or potting compost.

    Watering… Summer flowering bulbs will need a lot of extra water immediately after planting in order to quickly develop their roots. During a dry spring period, water frequently and take particular care with pots and containers as these can quickly dry out in warm weather. Remove any faded flowers as required.