Our Plant of the month


Also know as cornflowers, this delicate perennial id easy to grow and loves full sun with free draining soil.

The bees and butterflies flock to these flowers, and they look great planted amongst grasses and other structural plants.

Now is store from £5.99-£15.99



What to Sow and Grow in July

* Sow basil in pots to keep on your patio and bring indoors in winter.

*Make your last direct sow of beetroot so they are ready for the Autumn.

*There is still time to direct sow fast maturing carrots

* Make more sowings of French beans or runner beans to extend your cropping season well into the Autumn.

*direct sow turnips, 1ch deep then thin seedling to 15cm spacings. keep them moist and expect to harvest in 60 days.

*Continue to sow spring onions in drills outdoors for a quick crop.

* Add Colour to your salads with radicchio.


Jobs to do in the garden in July

1- Summer can still throw up surprising weather, make sure tall plants and climbers are well supported.

2- water as disk to reduce the risk of damage to plant leaves from the deating of water droplets.

3-Dead head sweet peas regularly to keep them blooming, water daily in dry weather.

4- Train cucumber stems upwards to maximize floor space.

5-Pick runner beans daily to avoid them becoming stringy and to give room for new pods.

Our Nursery Recommendations

The roses out in our nursery are looking and smelling Devine at this time of year, definitely worth a visit.