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    BBQ season is just around the corner, Because of this, new for this season we are now stocking Leisure Grow Grill Stream BBQ which combine both gas and charcoal in one BBQ.

    Why not have the pleasure of cooking delicious food al fresco on a Grillstream BBQ, unlike other BBQs on the market the new hybrid system allows you to decide on gas or charcoal each time you cook, before you start cooking simply lift the grills to add or remove charcoal. Our selection of accessories covers fuel and the bare essentials as well as luxury gadgets and of course those all-important mouth-watering recipe ideas making us a one stop shop for BBQs.

    The science behind Grillstream BBQ

    Firstly the Grillstream BBQ range has unique double grills, as a result you have LESS FAT, NO FLARE-UPS, MORE FLAVOUR!

    Secondly you get No Flare-Ups – Grillstream’s double grills prevent fat dripping down onto the burner and causing flare-ups.

    Thirdly, Less Fat equals more flavour therefore food is more succulent and importantly more of the juices can evaporate, basting the food with added BBQ flavour.

    Without a doubt a huge selling point is that it is easy to clean – Minimal fat drips down to the inner BBQ meaning all you need to do is brush the grills and empty the fat cup!

    Undoubtedly if your in the market for a BBQ while not take a look at our Outdoor Living

    page to see the types of furniture we stock.

    Classic 3 Burner

    RRP:£579.00 Loyalty Club Price : £499.00


    Classic 2 Burner

    RRP: £489.00 Loyalty Club Price: £399.00


    Island Ultimate

    RRP: £1399.00 Loyalty Club Price: £1199.00

    6 Burner Gourmet

    RRP: £1179.00 Loyalty Club Price:£999.00


    BBQ Covers

    Starting from £44.99

    BBQ tools

    Starting from £14.99